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The Florence County Medical Society Alliance supports medical families and our community through health education, advocacy and volunteerism. Our goal is to be a recognized leader in community health education resources and advocacy.

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Florence County Medical Society

The Florence County Medical Society was founded to work with the South Carolina Medical Association to protect the health interests of the Florence community. The FCMS focuses on creating good physician patient relationships, continuing medical education for the physicians and providing the Florence area with the highest quality of medical care. Through the FCMS, physicians from all local hospitals are brought together to create better working relationships and provide better health care for the citizens of Florence county.

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By joining the Society you will experience…

  • Better working relationships with colleagues and have a better referral base
  • Continuing medical education
  • Having a voice in legislation that effects the medical community
  • Making a positive impact on the Florence community
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Why Join the Society?

As a member, you get outstanding opportunities for personal and professional development and networking. Also, you can reconnect with old friends and make new ones.

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Florence Medical Society Alliance

About the Alliance.

The Florence County Medical Society Alliance (FCMSA) is comprised of spouses of physicians who are members of the Florence County Medical Society. The objectives of the FCMSA are to promote health education, to encourage volunteer participation in activities that meet health needs, and to support health related charitable endeavors. The FCMSA offers many benefits to our members including many volunteer opportunities, exciting meetings, evening social activities, numerous interest groups and clubs, and an environment to create life-long friendships. We hope you will join us!

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A connection with other physician families in your community and state.

Volunteering opportunities within your community.

Spreading health education within your community



1) Developing leaders at the county level
2) Educating people on health and advocacy issues
3) Connecting national, state, and local entities
4) Partnering with the medical community, the public sector, and private enterprise
5) Supporting physician families


Physician Burnout

What is Physician Burnout?
Physician stress, burnout and suicide are at crisis levels in the medical community. Marked by feelings of cynicism, loss of interest in work and a reduced sense of personal accomplishment among other indicators.

While many factors contribute to an atmosphere of stress, most clinicians point to increased regulations and technology, in combination with decreased opportunities for direct patient care, as the primary causes for their overall sense of dissatisfaction.

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