We join together with other county medical societies and specialty societies to strengthen the South Carolina Medical Association (SCMA), which is the voice of healthcare in our state. The SCMA provides numerous leadership opportunities for physicians, residents, and medical students.  Each year we send delegates and alternate delegates to the annual meeting to represent Florence.

FCMS Committee: pending

2021 SCMA Annual Meeting - Virtual!  April 22-25. Registration: https://www.scmedical.org/events/2021-scma-annual-meeting/. Any member can come, one does not need to be a delegate.

Delegates and Alternates (for every 20 SCMA members in Florence County)

  • Joseph Hoyle (leader)
  • Rishika Motiani
  • Deepak Chowdhary
  • Charles Stonerock
  • Jasmin Singh
  • Dorn Smith
  • John Pittard
  • Stephen Imbeau
  • more pending

Committee Volunteer Roles: pending

Resolution process:

  • Please submit only urgent and timely resolutions. When considering your resolution please realize that some resolutions are complex and warrant a full in-person debate. Such resolutions may be better considered for the following year when we are planning to be together in-person.  We look forward to that time.  In the event that we receive a high number of Resolutions which will be difficult to handle virtually due to the added time of technology, the Speaker and Vice-Speaker will decide which Resolutions are most timely to move forward and may have to hold some for 2022 when we expect to resume in-person debate. We hope this is not needed but provide this information in advance of submissions in order to encourage thoughtful submissions during the COVID virtual platform.
  • Debate will be limited to one minute for each person speaking in the House of Delegates and two minutes for each person speaking Reference Committees.
  • Most of your debate should be done in the Reference Committees. Please plan to attend the Reference Committee as the debate should take place there with minimal debate on the House floor.
  • The Speaker and Vice Speaker of the House of Delegates will have the authority to move debate that is running too long to the end of the meeting to ensure all other business can be completed.
  • All resolutions must be submitted to the SCMA Board of Trustees at least thirty (30) days prior to the opening session of the House of Delegates (by close of business March 24, 2021). To submit your resolution to the Board of Trustees, please email the resolution in a Word document to Natalie Salley.  Click here to view an example of a resolution.
  • Late resolutions will not be accepted. If there is an exceptional reason why a resolution needs to be heard and added late (i.e.: a specialty society member whose society met late prompting a late resolution) then those will be handled on a case by case basis as directed in the SCMA Bylaws.
  • We will be utilizing the Zoom platform for the House of Delegates. Delegates and Alternate Delegates will be asked to download the Zoom app for free. (download Zoom here: https://zoom.us/download).
  • Alternate Delegates (when not sitting for a Delegate) and guests will be able to access the HOD via a special Zoom link within the Whova platform.

SCMedPAC: https://www.scmedical.org/advocacy/sc-medpac/
SCMA legislative priorities: https://www.scmedical.org/advocacy/legislative-initiatives/

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