Alliance President

Ron Jaggers

Ron joined the Alliance in November 2018. He has served as Secretary for the Alliance and is currently the President Elect to take office as President in January, 2020.

In his professional life before retiring in 2015, Ron was an ordained minister, an accountant, a hospital administrator and a medical group administrator. He also serves on several other boards in the Florence community including the Florence Regional Arts Alliance and the Windsor Forest V-VI Association (Secretary). He has also served on several boards with the General Association of General Baptists as a member of the Executive Council, Executive Committee, Council of Associations, and Personnel Committee (Chair). Ron and his wife Terri, have three daughters and 6 grandchildren. They have been married for 40 years. Terri is a Gastroenterologist with McLeod Health. They have been a part of the Florence community since June 2019. They love Florence!

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